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Change History

3.1.0July 2007

Couple of bugs, one critical and another minor have been fixed in this version.

Bug Fixes

  1. Now works with even Eclipse Europa (Eclipse 3.3): Due to some old Eclipse API having been evicted from Eclipse Europa, JUtils ToString Generator was unable to display the preference pages as it was depending on them. This release fixes the issue by removing the dependency on the evicted API.
  2. Auto overwrite bug: When the plugin is installed for the first time, preference stores are not initialized. This was causing the value of the auto overwrite flag to be false when it had to be true by default. Now this bug remains fixed as well.
TOP 3.0.0December 2006

The plugin becomes available in two separate distributions of "with" and "without" source versions. These are and respectively, as seen in the Download page.


  1. Ability to sort fields: Fields can be sorted alphabetically by selecting an option in the preference pages.
  2. Control over auto save: Auto save can be enabled/disabled by means of an option in the preference pages.
  3. Overwrite can be prevented: An option to prevent auto overwrite of existing toString() or Copy Constructor has been provided in the preference pages.
  4. Faster performance: Code generation is a lot faster now, thanks to the improved RegEx handling.
  5. Logging support: Users of the plugin can easily report bugs through the feature of Eclipse Logging having been integrated into the plugin.
  6. Refactored code: Some code has been refactored to aid easier maintenance in the future.
  7. Friendly messages: Friendly alert dialog messages have been provided at suitable places to prevent surprises to the user.

Bug Fixes

  1. Non-Public, Nested or Inner Classses: toString() or Copy Constructor can now be generated to even these types of Classes.
  2. Interfaces, Enums, Annotations now ignored: This ensures that toString() or Copy Constructor is attempted to be generated only to Concrete Classes. This, if were not done, would have led to introduction of compilation problems.
  3. UI issues in preference pages: There were minor UI issues in the preference pages which have been fixed.

TOP 2.0.0April 2006

Plugin goes open source and is available on the internet for use of the Java developers.


  1. Support for StringBuffer and StringBuilder: With the new mode selection control in the toString() preference page, you can easily switch between String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder modes.
  2. Default Configuration XML has been refactored: Although this does not affect the users of the plugin, it is a definite plus point to facilitate faster and easier code modifications if at all the need arises.

Bug Fixes

  1. ToString implementation now ignores static fields: Ideally toString() represents the state of an object. Fields that are marked static belong to the class of the object, not the object itself. So, it is appropriate to exclude static fields.
  2. Copy Constructor implementation now ignores static or final fields: A constructor is used to create a new object. Static fields, once again, belong to the enclosing class, not to any object. Thus, it is ideal to exclude them in the constructor. Fields that are marked final, on the other hand, cannot accept new values. Thus, an assignment to a final field inside the Copy Constructor results in compilation error. So, they must be excluded.

1.0.0July 2005

Initial version created. Although the plugin was not available on the WWW, it was fully functional and was being used in many live projects successfully. The plugin was not open source then.